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       Solving Plumbing Emergencies

         All homeowners know that if anything in the home can go wrong, it will happen at a most
         inconvenient time. Plumbing is no exception. At your sleepiest, busiest, most tired moment,
         the toilet begins to overflow and no amount of jiggling of the control handle stops the water
         from edging toward wall-to-wall carpeting. Or it maybe the sudden bursting of a pipe, or an
         out-of-control faucet. Such emergencies are inconvenient and can cause expensive damage
         if corrective action is not taken immediately.

       Being prepared for plumbing emergencies is as simple as 1-2-3.

         A few minutes of your time now could be insurance for future security, and trouble free
         performance of your water system.

       Know Your Plumbing

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